Fat loss truth bombs – part 2!


This is the second part (of 3) installments of the fat loss truth bombs series, with highlights taken from a 2 day seminar from a world expert on hormones.

Be aware of your overall stress levels and individual stressors. Activity and exercise whilst beneficial is still an additional stressor to your overall system.

Be in tune with your body’s needs in terms of activity/exercise and the rest and recovery. Have enough intensity to induce a response, then also balance that with giving the body and the brain ‘down’ time. This is obviously a transient factor, that needs to have a close eye on.

It can be better to focus on one thing at one time. So for instance it can be hard to feed the muscle and lose body fat at the same time. You want to eat enough to feed the muscles but also have deficit to lose bodyfat – it’s not impossible just hard!

Muscles respond best when they are worked to failure/fatigue. You will get some benefits below that intensity but it’s maximised when pushed.

Fasting is very healing to the body it helps the body repair and was very natural state for humans when they were hunter gatherers. Fasting is made easier (In terms of hunger) when you have eaten ketogenically first. It helps diminish carbohydrate stores to then help access stored fats. Fasting is known to be one of the major factors in life extension.

Fat gain and loss is a HORMONAL imbalance and NOT caloric imbalance. As simple as we would want it to be 500 cals of jelly beans does NOT have the same reaction as 500 cals of Kale!!
Insulin response being a key indicator here.

So the message here is all calories are NOT equal. So if you use something like my fitness pal app – take head of the type of calories %’s you are eating!

This has huge ramifications for the ‘diet’ industry because we are led to believe the only formula for successful fat loss is eat less and exercise more. This can work in the short term but clearly the body adjusts accordingly.

A key factor here is that the body’s metabolism reacts and adjusts as it goes along. So a 30% reduction in calories can be met with a 30% reduction in basal metabolic rate. Which obviously equals stale mate.

This is why it’s a good method to phase different training and eating to keep the body guessing and not reaching equilibrium!

Fascinated stuff!

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