February in reflection….


Well, here we are then- March!! 🐣

In reflection, February for me was a good month!

I feel more organised, have more energy, and feel better mentally. I think my break away helped towards this. (See picture of Lisa in the wonderful bath!!)

What have I accomplished to make me feel this way?

Firstly, I’ve joined a new gym which I currently go 4 times a week.

My programme is a bit squished due to work commitments. I’m going on consecutive days, but breaking my body parts down into different days, to allow both recovery and intensity from the resistance training.

I feel better in myself that it’s a programme of activity, as opposed to random fitting it in whenever.

I’m also getting my workouts done within 45 minutes which was always the way I prefer it- short and intense!

I’ve had a major breakthrough in my skin (one of this years goals- with both psoriasis on my scalp and body).

I cannot tell you how many lotion & potions I’ve used over countless years and within two weeks it’s virtually gone!

I was always scratching my scalp, always had dandruff, and was even known to wake Lisa up scratching – that’s all gone! (Lisa cheered!)

The cream I’ve used is called Zudaifu if you want to look it up. The only controversial factor is that after analysis it was found to have a very small amount of steroidal content that wasn’t mentioned. I’ve used a steroidal liquid prior and it made my hair fall out!! This hasn’t and is much milder. The results too are astounding, so it’s been well worth it.

Dietary wise, I’ve made a conscious decision to just eat less generally. I had realised that I was eating more than I needed and I could could feel my overall body weight was increasing, and clothes getting tighter!!

I think something as simple as not snacking and just cutting back, has been enough to improve things overall.

I’ve been amazed at how much brighter mentally I feel just by taking these few steps.

I’m still taking the Curcumin which I highly recommend, and it’s hard to pinpoint exactly how it independently helping, but I know it’s doing me good. (And that in some instances can be enough to make me feel better – placebo effect- but that’s another blog entirely!)
I will write a blog soon solely on Curcumin because the research is just mind blowing on its benefits!

So what can be learnt from this last month?

•That it helps to have an organised programme of activity.

•That workouts don’t have to be long to be effective (apart from specific endurance events)

•That one thing helped or ‘cured’ definitely helps towards overall wellness.

•That dietary change doesn’t have to be monumental to make a difference.

•That just a few small changes can add up to make a big difference.

•That it’s crucial to take out time for rest and recuperation.

Until next week,
Best wishes