Feeding the soul

I went to a ‘gathering’ at the weekend. It was a bit of a trek to southend on sea, but very much worth the travel.


I think with family life & running business’s, my wife & I don’t get out much!!! 😂


It made me realize how good it is to switch off, wind down & mix with likeminded people. Just an overnight stay & a little break away.


It got me thinking how good it is to feed the soul, mix, chat & just do something different, to break the norm.


Whenever I reminisce, it solidifies the importance of people over things. The older I get the more this holds true. It’s easy to get caught up in having ‘stuff’ but having great stuff won’t be a legacy I want to leave.


I even had my best friend over from South Africa last week, so I think I’ve had a healthy dose of spirit lifting & soul feeding.

As an only child I’m used to my own company & have no issue with my own personal space. (No pun intended).
I do love the company of others, it’s just getting the right balance of your own time & time with others. We all have differing needs at different times.


I never underestimate the positive power of others & I think it’s a feeling of belonging. To me family is really important, as are those significant others around you. Your support network.


I feel it’s very important to surround yourself with likeminded supportive people. Those that check up & care about you are a gold mine in friendship.


You know that old saying a trouble halved is a trouble shared. You don’t even have to sit down & thrash out issues, its just nice to have a good chat!


Don’t get me wrong there’s times when just quiet time is needed & perhaps I don’t want to speak. But I can feel my soul is brimming nicely & it’s done wonders to my overall wellness.

Here’s to absent friends & those all around!
Here’s to appreciating those that care & recognizing the difference it makes in your personal wellness!

Best wishes