Do I feel lucky? WELL DO YA PUNK?




Taken out of context from the Dirty Harry film but pertinent nonetheless…….


Do you feel you lucky or unlucky in life?
The way you feel can actually be a self fulfilling prophecy.
If you feel lucky, it affects the way you feel positively & can often ‘attract’ luck. Whereas if your whole demeanour is ‘I’m unlucky’ yes you’ve guessed it, it can feel like you are already limiting your luck in some way.


I’m a great believer that you MAKE your luck.

To me it means working hard towards your goal, learning, understanding & preparing the path.
You need to take chances, but calculated ones. You need to be willing & able to get stuck in & focus on what is exactly needed.


Luck rarely happens by chance.


Why do I talk about this? Well, your wellness & fitness success can be affected by all of those things just mentioned.


Whether you are successful in your chosen goal path rarely happens by just trying a million different random things. It takes some learning & mistakes to find out what actually works for YOU, but then there must be application of what you have learnt.


As an individual with your chosen goals, ask yourself this-


What have I done that has increased my chances of success so far?

What have I done that hasn’t?

What else do I need to do to be successful?


Perhaps by just taking some time out to decide your personal success path & critically evaluate what works & what doesn’t, you can start to achieve what you really want.

If you lay that success path with all the aforementioned factors, can you see how your ‘chance at luck’ has already increased?

I encourage you now just to take 5 minutes out of life to evaluate, learn & apply – you never know how it will affect your ‘luck?!!’

(Lesson 21- you MAKE your own luck)

Best wishes
Stuart 😊