Fighting for the duvet

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My client complained of pain in her back which she had suffered during the week from an unknown trigger. A week later she discovered the cause – fighting for the duvet when in bed with her other half. We all know the scenario : other half turns over in bed, pulls most of the duvet with him and resumes snoring, while we frustratingly yank the duvet back. It’s an easy way to a strained muscle or two.

There are a few other bed related activities which can cause muscular strains ( yes, including that activity you are currently thinking of. ) Many a client has arrived saying they’ve slept badly and now have upper back / shoulder / neck pain. Many a time I have woken with neck pain from turning over awkwardly or trying to adjust my sleepwear by jumping my body up with my head on the pillow.
Beware of yawning and stretching in an exaggerated fashion for fun as that can cause a nasty cramp or muscle pull.
Of course making beds is a nightmare. It’s the worse household chore and can easily aggravate the lower back especially when the bed is up against a wall. I always ask for help from the boys to get the sheets on.

What can be done to minimise these injuries sustained in bed?
Common sense mainly, but some are unavoidable like sleeping with your arm hanging off the bed or other unconscious actions. 
My answer to the duvet yanking issue is to get an over-sized duvet. I recently bought a king size duvet for our double bed as I was so fed up of gaping chasms under the duvet where icy air swept in to wake me up throughout the night. Now the snuggly (wool!) duvet (who knew there were such things) envelops us both while allowing gap-free boisterous turning over. I wish I’d done it so many years ago. 18 years ago in fact.
Here’s to injury-free sleeping. 
Lisa 🙂