Fighting jellyfish, Exercise Nirvana & the surprising fat loss secret!



Fighting Jellyfish, Exercise Nirvana & the surprising fat loss secret!

Lesson 7 – Find the activity you love & if needed involve others

With this beautiful weather it made me think of keeping active & dealing with the heat.
I don’t do it that often now, but I went to a clients house to train her, who is lucky enough to have an outside pool. I know this particular client would agree, but she doesn’t generally enjoy exercise- I think it’s a marmite thing – you either do or you don’t. However, when I told her I used to teach Aquacise she had the idea of getting a few friends together. getting in the pool & me doing a class.
Not only did she enjoy exercising in the pool, she enjoyed it more by having fun with her friends. So what does this teach us- that rather than branding all exercise unenjoyable she found a format she enjoyed & increased that, but also involved her friends. So find something you do enjoy & if necessary involve others to increase the likelihood you will do it.

Lesson 8 – if you want it bad enough you will find a way to achieve it!

My middle daughter did an open water swimming competition over the weekend. I’ve got to say I take my hat off to her- swimming a mile, in a cold sea, no wetsuit allowed, choppy condition, with currents & tides to deal with. (Not to mention jelly fish).
What I was extremely impressed with was her attitude. After the first buoy she felt sick, & continued to feel sick for the next 20+ minutes of the race. But she kept going.
She sung a song in her head to distract herself, she felt terrible, but she kept on going. She nearly collapsed coming out, but she kept going. Wow!
This is both physical & mental toughness, commitment & focus. It would have been easy to stop, put her hand up & wait for the rescue boat. But she didn’t, she kept going until the task was complete.
What does this teach us? That sometimes your body will be telling you to stop, sometimes even your head will tell you to stop, but you can commit to the task in hand & you see it through. If it means enough to you, YOU WILL DO IT. You will find a way for to stick the course. There might be obstacles in the way, but you can continue your journey & get a great deal of satisfaction, by doing what you set out to do.
Actions speak louder than words & Ella just made a huge statement about her personal integrity. Amazing trait. Proud Dad.

Lesson 9- regularly take mindful. all encompassing, gentle walks. 

This week I have been working with a client who has high blood pressure & is mega stressed. He is under the guidance of the Dr but in true Type A personality style, he wants to ‘fix it!’
I have suggested taking walks where possible to get fresh air, be one with nature & try to let his brain rest. Walking? What? Just walking?! Yup!!
The benefits of walking are vast! Not only for health benefits, but for fat loss too. Obviously there are benefits to walking fast, but here I’m talking about taking in the environment,the sights & sounds, de-stressing , e-a-s-y pace walking. For this client it can help keep stress hormones lower, lower blood pressure, & let the brain rest. For fat loss it’s a good antithesis to the high intensity exercise to allow the body to recover & let the stress hormones lower. It’s a big part of the metabolic effect body composition change programming & is recommended daily. The effects are more pronounced when with nature; woodlands & forests, parks, beaches, mountains & hills etc.
Try it, you might be surprised at the results!