How to find your very own ‘secrets’ to fat loss!

Lesson 14….


imageAs many of you know I am very much an advocate of the metabolic effect techniques to get into shape. I’m will now go through, in detail about how I used the methods to drop 16kg’s in 12 weeks but more importantly lose bodyfat ‘weight’ & put on some muscle!

The simple truth, as you know from my previous blogs, is that there is no one way. We are all different & therefore there will be some individuality in each persons approach.
I am showing you A way , to help you understand the process, but there would have to be individual tweaks to suit!

In the first phase I allowed my digestive system time to recuperate by only having 3 ‘meals’ a day & no snacks.

I fasted overnight & allowed a minimum 12 hours from my evening meal to breakfast. By only having 3 meals a day obviously they had to ‘carry’ me to the next meal.
Interestingly I found that by delaying breakfast, the other meals didn’t have to carry me as far. However you might find you need your breakfast earlier to keep HEC in check.
I did find I wasn’t hungry first thing after a while of following the protocol.

I found that 2 of my meals were best in the form of protein shakes as 50g of protein in 1/2 litre of almond milk carried my without adding anything else.
These protein shakes need to be as ‘clean’ as possible as I didn’t want any chemicals to impact on the results.
You also have an option of adding to the meals/shakes if you find that it’s not carrying you. More protein, fat or carbs depending on what satisfies you- it’s trial & error.

I then had an evening meal that was a pile of veggies, a good quality protein 50-60g ie. Chicken & a little bit of carbs ie. 1/2 sweet potato.
I kept hydrated with water & as a treat fizzy water, green tea & one cup of normal tea a day!

As before, it’s really important to ensure your HEC is in check;

If these are balanced then it makes it a lot easier to stick with the programme & get the results you want. You are not surviving on will power alone! (Willpower can be a limited resource!)

Exercise in this phase is low, as overall calorific intake is low. I just did two resistance based exercise sessions a week to try & keep my muscle mass.
These were 4 exercises; Bench Press, Cable row, squat, & shoulder press. All 10 reps max for 4 sets each. (10 reps with not one more rep that could be done).

In long term weight management -resistance/weight based exercise should be done regularly. This maintains/improved muscle mass – which burns calories & makes you more efficient at burning fat!

Endurance exercise can have a place in some people’s routines but it’s about training smarter not harder!
Walking is crucial in this phase. Not power walking, work your butt off type walking, but easy, mindful walking, taking in the sights & sounds. One hour a day is suggested in total.
The idea behind this is to bring the stress hormones down that can inhibit fat loss. So as simple as it seems, it’s really important.

This phase is not continual. As mentioned before you get metabolic compensation – where the body gets used to what you are throwing at it. So next week il go through the next phase which you alternate between.

I am considering starting a small group to work & help each other using these techniques. If you, or anybody else you know, might be interested, please contact me.

Best wishes