Finding your lightbulb moment….





Well, after my couple of months of experimenting with the ketogenic/banting eating at the beginning of the year , I have decided to do a longer term experiment – 1 years worth!

So, those that were interested with the previous findings, watch this space, as I will review throughout the year, in-between other articles of interest.

I’ve already been on the programme for a little over month now, and the belt has gone in a couple of notches and I’ve dropped 6kg, so something’s happening!

Just to remind those of what this is, it’s a high fat, medium protein, very low carbohydrate eating plan. Whilst some might look at this as a faddy or extreme ‘diet’, having been on Phil Richards fat loss and metabolism course, and read copious amounts of research on it, you’d be surprised to see the available positive information on it.

I think the biggest shock for people is the complete turn around on the health benefits of eating fat and the move away from low fat eating for health and fat loss.

I find the whole concept very interesting and I love the science behind it.

To me, it makes sense.

With any topic like this there is going to be those that disagree and those that wholeheartedly agree.

At the end of the day you have to decide what works for you as an individual. As metabolic effect would say – ‘go detective!’

An article I read this week through the metabolic effecrmy, funnily enough, made me really think that about the importance of understanding my own unique metabolism.

For instance I found out that occasionally my fat loss can stagnate.

What do I do?

I learn how my unique metabolism reacts and work with it to take advantage! Yes! Fight fire with fire! Rather than work against it, I learn how it works and adjust to magnify fat loss. It goes back to your metabolism NOT being a calculator.

It’s an easy mindset to slip into – ‘oh so I’ve been really good on my food, I’ve trained really hard- so X should happen. The metabolism doesn’t always play game here, and that can be frustrating- unless you change your mindset!

Understanding that stagnation/lack of body compositional change might happen, accepting it’s not all plain sailing and learning and adapting from the process, makes you think on a different, positive, level.

It’s a game changer!

Periodising a training programme/ cycling different methods and intensities of training, can switch things to move again for me.

I know my metabolism can get used to things, so I need to get it to NOT too!
For me this doesn’t have to be high intensity, it can mean just moving (walking) more.

Based on my last experiment, I’ve decided to also add some intermittent fasting and playing around with exercise and activity.

For me it has helped occasionally to miss breakfast, have lunch as my first meal, and have supper a little later. So two meals over the day thus closing my eating window and ‘fasting’ more.

Whilst I find fasting beneficial to how I feel and body compositional change, be careful it doesn’t evoke major change in hunger, energy and cravings, as this can really test the willpower! (And we can have limited resources of this).

For me though, and I think it’s more of a light bulb moment, than any other factor in the last few decades of my life, is seeing how rapidly my fathers health has declined. That, and my impending 50th birthday! (I’m only 30 years away from him!!)

Without going into too much personal information, it’s made me realise that whilst I’m encouraging him to eat well, move, and look after himself the best he can, I’m not doing it optimally myself.

Am I a hypocrite? I don’t know? But I’m damn sure I’m going to be doing everything in my power to sky rocket my health from now on. Enough is enough.

Finding that deep, inner motivator has changed me. Perhaps if you think hard enough you might find that spark that ignites your action?

I hope so.

Best wishes