Fire up the bodies natural furnace!

I’ve booked myself on a one day seminar at the end of the month which focussess on maximizing hormones for fat loss & muscle gain.

I do this because I have a small number of clients who have a complicated history & have particularly struggled with compositional change. This goes a bit further than normal, by looking at hormonal blood markers.

Just as I get my clients to learn from going through the process, I am continually learning to try & solve harder cases.

It can be quite a minefield when clients come in. More frequently now I’m getting clients who have sedentary jobs, very stressful lives, alongside gut & intestinal issues, that have impacted majorly on their wellbeing. A truly modern disease.

I have to say the majority of clients that come in are wanting some sort of body compositional change.
I used to say that to change in this way you need to create an energy deficit. This still holds true, but it’s a bit more complicated than that in the long term.

Typically as you continue to lose ‘weight’ your metabolic rate can slow down. You ideally want fat weight to be lost, which is still going to make you burn extra calories, by carrying it around, but not as much as muscle.

Muscles act like a furnous & is metabolically active tissue, it substantially burn calories, even at rest. This is why there is an emphasis on resistance/weight training in body compositional programmes of late, over steady state cardiovascular.

So over time if you just focus on diet alone, it’s possible that your overall metabolic needs are less – less fat & if its rapid ‘weight’ loss, less muscle too, which means your body doesn’t need to burn as many calories overall.

You would have to eat less than before, as your calorific needs are less. That can be where it’s hard to stick with food wise and its easy to gain weight (typically fat) back on.

After a boom & bust exercise & ‘weight’ reduction programme typically you end up with more fat & less muscle. Not ideal!!

So my advice would be to incorporate resistance training into your regular programme, to at least keep as much muscle as you had,  but ideally increase it, to conversely increase your overall calorific expenditure.

Best wishes