Firing up your body!



The benefits of short, intense exercise (lesson 16)

So you want to change your shape, feel better & be healthier? Rather than just sticking to the same thing continuously it’s important to change things up!
If nothing else, it staves off boredom & gives you something else to work on, but there are more reasons to mix it up!

Your body gets used to doing the same, so by changing the routine the body reacts. The first phase was about stress reduction, allowing the digestive system & you, to relax.

This phase brings the exercise intensity up – somewhat!- and allows you to eat more!!

Whaaat?! Eat more & exercise more?!!

Quite often when trying to change body composition the body normalise/compensates & adjusts to suit. By changing eating & exercise methods the body is less likely to get used to what you are throwing at it!

This phase uses mainly short intense exercise sessions:

1) Rest based intervals – all out efforts ie holding absolutely nothing back, for anything between 20-60 seconds at a time. You can do this by sprinting, circuit exercises or traditional cardio machines. 20 minutes max.
It’s up to you how long you take to recover but you must go again when you feel you can.

2) metabolic chain weights – a continuos chain of weights exercises usually 4-5 exercises. Starting 5 reps of each, moving through each exercise, then 4 of each, and so on. It’s 20 minutes maximum.

Regular Cardio can be an option for a little longer than 20. Again it depends what works for you.

What I like about the first 2 exercise forms is that it’s 20 minutes! How easy is that to fit in with your schedule?! The exercise is very tough- and you need mental toughness- but it’s over in a short time.
With the Rest based intervals & metabolic chain you push so hard you NEED to rest. It’s encouraged!! When you’ve recovered you go again!

The added benefit of short intense exercise is that it doesn’t impact as much on hunger. Long cardio sessions have been known to increase hunger.

During this phase you exercise most if not all days. You could try this for initially & week or two, and then go back to the first phase.

It’s about finding what works more effectively for YOU. Walking is still encouraged – more than the first phase, if you can.

I will cover the food element next week.

Best wishes

Stuart 😊