Keto vs Fitbit!


I have finally succumbed to some tech! I bought myself a Fitbit charge 2 which tracks amongst many things activity and steps, heart rate and sleep.

Very interesting!

Firstly, I was surprised by how my steps accumulated from just life stuff, and secondly how competitive I got with myself to ensure I get past 10k steps daily!!

Quite frequently I will hear from clients that it got towards the end of the day, and they had only reached 8,000 steps, so they walked around the block to attain 10k!

The sleep function is also useful in that it delineates what the quantity and quality of the sleep by differentiating restlessness/movement and being awake to deeper sleep.

If anything, I think what the Fitbit does well, is just encourage you to move more. That alone is a useful tool for many areas of health and wellness!

Just a quick report back on the Ketogenic/Banting eating plan too. Monitoring overall weight it’s another kg off (which is -7kg total) but I’m noticing a change in clothing fitment which suggests fat loss being part of that.

For the last 2 weeks I have also introduced some fasting , which I must say is making me feel great!

My first meal of the day is early afternoon and I just drink sparkling water up until that time (and throughout the day).

Whilst some people might struggle with hunger, energy or cravings, I find that the high fat eating has just made my hunger bomb, and I’m finding two meals a day and no snacking perfectly adequate.

That’s it for another week!

Best wishes