Fix that Craving – 12 tips to conquer!

Well, if you’ve started your new shape up plan then you will know that when food cravings kick in, it can really disrupt your focus!

So what’s the answer?
Here’s my top tips to help you stay the course!

1. Preparation is key- plan ahead, have the right foods, at the right time, when you need them!

2. Limit times when you need to make decisions on food choices. Faced with a choice of varying options can zap willpower.

3. Hydrate! – dehydration can, in some people, set off a hunger response. Limit that by drinking frequently throughout the day.
4. Cocoa – a good quality high cocoa powder mixed with water & stevia can be a good sweet craving cure. Metabolic effect also do their own craving cocoa drink.

5. Eating out? Try to choose dishes that satisfy you or try & get the chef to adjust the meal  to suit your regime.

6. Don’t food shop when you are hungry! (Online food shops can help here!)
7. Learn what foods fill you up & give you satiety & which foods make you hungry soon after eating.

8. Be aware of triggers- people, places, emotions & situations.

9. Be aware which types of exercise that can stimulate your hunger or even diminish it.

10. Seems too simple, but actually don’t allow yourself to get extremely hungry!

11. Consider what foods give you more even blood sugar levels- stimulants, artificial sweeteners, processed & refined foods can rollercoaster your energy levels, in turn creating cravings.

12. Be mindful of what you eat – question why you need it? Know the difference of what I call ‘ head hunger ‘ compared to biological growling tummy hunger.


Best wishes