Fixing that flat tyre!


Nice steady week this week. It’s great to see all my clients slotting back, right into the groove!

I’ve noticed that while most clients had time ‘off’ over Christmas and New Year, it has only taken most of them just a week, to get right back on it and feeling good.

For those still working through their New Years resolutions, don’t worry if you have gone off track a little.

The analogy I was taught was that of a car journey.

You are a fair way into your journey, you have a flat tyre, so you pull over. Do you get the recovery to take you right back all the way home to the start, or do you sort the problem there, and get back on your journey?

Hopefully the latter!!

In this modern world everything is instant, but with a little perseverance and time, you CAN get to where you want to be. Just stick with that journey.

Your journey is never from point A to B, it’s up, it’s down, into sideways and even sometimes backwards.

Stick with it, embrace the directional change and expect it NOT to be linear, and then you won’t be disappointed.

Best wishes, until next week,