Follow your own path!

Hey! Guess what? We are all different!

There might be commonalities between us, but fundamentally we are all unique!

So why do we still strive to know and understand what ‘works’ for ALL as a whole? 

It’s actually impossible to work out a diet or a fitness programme that categorically works for all the same, so the sooner you accept that, the further you will get down the path of understanding you – the ‘unique’ you. 

Can you see how powerful that is in your quest for the answers? 

So it’s about finding what works for you, and you alone. 

Sure research can suggest what works for ‘most’ but you still have to trial and error ways to find out what betters your own chances. 

So, as Jade Teta would say, it’s all about  ‘being detective!’

Now, I find personally one thing that helps for instance is Protein shakes. 

They really help me get in shape, fill me up, stop hunger pangs. 

They are just one personal strategy to feeding my muscles, dropping body fat and feeling better.

For me a quashed hunger is a god send as I’m normally hungry all the time! 

As soon as I start eating less but using foods that ‘carry me’ forwards to the next meal I’m fine. My hunger abates. 

It’s about finding the right tool from the toolbox for that moment, for as frustrating as it is, what worked once, might not work as well another time- another thing learnt! 

Now, Lisa (my wonder women wife) hates protein shakes! (And tells me frequently, why do you need that S#*€!) 😆

But, here’s the thing, do what works for you!!

I still obviously prefer food and still eat nutritious food alongside the shakes but I find the extra protein in a shake format ticks a lot of boxes at the moment. 

Will I be on it all the time? very probably not, but at the moment it’s working for me and suits my lifestyle. 

It’s worth shopping around for the right protein powder to suit you. I personally use PHD diet whey which is basically a high protein low carbohydrate powder that mixes and tastes well. I spent a couple of hours in Holland and Barrett and this was the cleanest they sold. (I.e. no E numbers and rubbish)?

 I used a sun warrior vegan one for a while but didn’t like the texture. 

I use almond milk and loads of ice and blitz it in a blender. 

So in short, trial and error to suit you the individual, as you never know until you try different things. As humans we can be very set on our beliefs, try it, and if you don’t like try something else! 

Until next week 

Best wishes