Freddy Mercury and the swimming duck!!


I’ve just finished watching the Bohemian Rhapsody, the film about the band Queen and Freddy Mercury – Wow! such a poignant film- I loved it!

Tinged with both elements of sadness and happiness of varying degrees within the film.

What struck me though was that underneath the public persona of the happy go lucky, party animal, was major inner turmoil and angst.

But what can we learn from Freddy’s example?

I think there are many people living life like this. Perhaps not on the grandiose scale of his life, but nonetheless a contrasting outward versus inward disposition.

So what’s my point here?

It’s that, to a lesser or greater degree, we are all battling with our different issues, and that on face value, even though everything appears serine above, underneath it’s not.

Much like the duck going down the river.

Looking fine from on top of the surface but underneath paddling furiously to keep going.

My main point of this blog is just to try to remember this when dealing with friends, family and work colleagues.

Whilst there appears to be a higher awareness of mental health, something as simple as a little message, txt or a check in, can make a big difference to overall wellness and mental status.

Diversely of course it’s obviously important to also open up and feel able to speak to whoever necessary.

Best wishes until next week,