Full fat milk – “it’s gotta lotta bottle”

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We recently reverted to the old fashioned method of receiving milk via doorstep delivery, which one could say is in fact the most modern way of purchasing milk, considering the lower impact on the environment of using glass bottles. A short article in my fitness journal drew my attention yesterday to the benefits of drinking the full fat variety of this wonderful white fluid  and I’m always keen to share snippets of information supporting the inclusion of fat in the diet.

I have to admit I find pleasure in opening the front door on a frosty morn, in my dressing gown and fluffy mules (only joking) to pick up our retro metal milk bottle crate with wooden handle full of fresh, creamy milk in sparkling bottles, but then some people say I should get out more! We use the ‘gold top’ milk from Jersey cows for our daily smoothie, and the silver top for everything else. Washing out bottles to return to the crate, and rinsing and crushing the foil tops also makes me smile. Simply pleased.

Anyway, on to the benefits to health. A new study (quoted in my journal) from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition looked at blood levels of three fatty acids found in dairy, including trans-palmitoleic acid – related to heart disease and all-cause mortality – in 2900 subjects over age 65. Six and thirteen years follow up measures did not show increases in all-cause mortality in full fat milk drinkers and none of the fats sourced from diary were significantly associated with death. Also, one fatty acid found in dairy – heptadecanoic – was linked to lower rates of death from cardiovascular disease. The above findings are contrary to beliefs of the past few decades that full fat dairy produce contributes to higher risk of heart disease. It was not mentioned how much full fat milk was drunk in the study.

Milk is a good source of calcium, Vitamins B12, protein and phosphorous. A BBC Good Food website stated that full fat milk is higher in fat soluble vitamins A and E than semi or skimmed milk. It also fills you up more so it’s a great snack, and the creamy taste is beautiful.

Why not try a return to milk-man / milk-lady bottled delivered milk yourself?

Lisa 🙂