Fundamental core strengthening exercises

Here are some important actions to take to improve spine health: increase core strength and flexibility, improve posture and body mechanics (during all aspects of life).

This blog, courtesy of American Council on Exercise, focuses on core strength, a key component of core stability, which helps protect the spine and prevent injuries. The core is comprised of the abdominal muscles, sides of the trunk, pelvic floor, back, buttocks, hips and pelvis. Core muscles act as dynamic and isometric stabilisers for movement and assist with the transfer of forces between the upper and lower body. In addition, these muscles can initiate movement itself.
Developing core strength involves incorporating a variety of different exercises that target different areas of the core. While there are numerous ways to strengthen the core, it is essential to keep it simple. You should be able to complete a basic core-strengthening routine on your own at home.
These six core-strengthening exercises from American Council on Exercise provide a good basic routine for just about anyone. Clicking on each exercise will take you to a step by step instruction on performing it. The intensity can be modified, as needed, by varying repetitions, duration of holds, isometric holds versus dynamic movement, and potentially adding some equipment for advanced possibilities.

Good luck and hope you enjoy.