Our genetic make up!

This week as an intro into all the hormonal information, I thought I’d look at some thinking about human development.

If you consider the evolution of humans over time then there has been some pretty radical changes to our food chain over the last number of years.

Some more recent thinking suggests that if you look at ancient man/woman’s  eating, relating to food group percentage, then a large amount of the diets nutrients would come from firstly fat, then protein & interestingly, minimal carbohydrates.

If you compare that to more common modern eating, most of our diet is carbohydrates, and then even mix of fat & protein.

Quite a change! (and that’s not even covering all the thousands of new chemicals/pesticides/additives etc added to the food chain!)

So this change, in a relatively small time period over our development, it has been suggested, has helped to fuel our obesity epidemic.

So one instant important dietary change, would be to cut down the amount of carbohydrate rich foods & drinks.

One massive point, and one I will write more about, as a blog on its own, is the thinking on low fat eating. For the last 30+ years we have had low fat eating drummed into us, but current thinking has suggested the research on which this theorem was based, was floored.

Once again, the thinking is that sugar is the issue, not fat.

The danger of course is to label all sugars bad or all fats bad etc, it’s something again I will cover over time. Despite us all having an almost identical genetic make up, everybody will have their individual nuances, & therefore will have to choose the correct path for themselves.

If you look back at prehistoric times then we had a feast or famine approach. So cavemen/women  ate lots when it was available & then starved until the next meal was available. Those that survived where very efficient as storing fat, as a survival mechanism.

Interestingly those humans that survived where the ones that were capable of producing high amounts of insulin.

The hormone Insulin, which again will come up throughout the blogs, is one of the key fat storing hormones.

So we are designed to store fat & over eating enhances this response. (Other factors increasing insulin will be covered in future blogs)

Insulin will be high when we overeat & especially a diet rich in carbohydrates.

Taking this one step further there are suggestions that we can survive without ingesting carbohydrates!!
(The brain does need carbs, but those can be made from proteins).

I’m going to leave this here now so you digest the existing info!

Until next time……

Best wishes

Stuart 😊