Getting and keeping yourself motivated to exercise!

Read this if you are in need of exercise motivation to carry on….

Ok, so the new year, new year campaign is starting to get a little tougher?

It’s getting a little harder to keep that sparkle towards your goal?

You still want to achieve your goal, but it’s getting harder to stick with?

You are not alone! And yes it happens! So what’s the answer?!

If we are honest with ourselves, even the most committed can lack motivation some of the time!
The important thing is to know you are not alone.
There are so many inter relating factors that can affect motivation, but I’ve listed below 10 of my own personal tips that will help!


1. Just go & do something – no matter how little towards your goal. Some of the best runs I’ve done have been when I’ve thought – oh well I’m not really up for this but il just go & do something!
2. Pair up with somebody else or make a group – get other people to make you accountable.
3. Get the right clothing for the job- you can either treat yourself to new trainers or an outfit or make sure you feel comfortable for the exercise you choose. These little things can be a barrier to stop you doing what you need to do!
4. Mix it up – if you are bored of the same thing, make a change. Try something totally different or try a different training method. So if you are used long slow distance, try intervals. If you resistance train using certain reps & sets, change it or use combination exercises. Try a class, go outside, bike instead of run, the world is your oyster!
5. Prep! Yup! Get things ready for the oncoming workout – food, clothes, mental outlook, etc
6. Time plan– choose a time that suits your needs. Sometimes earlier is easier – less chance to procrastinate, but later might mean you workout better.
7. Use music- it’s no secret that I love my music – it’s a mood lifter, energiser & all round booster in my book! Get yourself a play list that gets you going & fires you up!
8. Remind yourself why you are doing this! I get some of my clients to write down what their goals mean to them. Then I get them put it somewhere to remind themselves when needed. It’s an important process in solidifying why you are doing, what you are doing!
9. Get a personal trainer! Ha! Ha! I would say that wouldn’t I?!! If you need someone outside of your circle to help you be accountable for your actions, then it can really help you stay the course. It doesn’t have to be a regular commitment, but it can definitely get the ball rolling.
10. Be realistic- ensure what you have set out to do is sustainable & realistic! Much as we would like to be Superman or Wonder Woman (less so me with the latter, but that’s another story), ┬áremember you are human!

Best wishes

Stuart 😊