Getting yourself ready for change!



I cannot believe another week gone & nearly July! Where does time go?!

This week I’ve been helping a couple of new clients get everything together to follow their prescribed plan of action.

What’s important is that they have everything in place to follow the plan as designed. Now I’m pretty much certain that there will be barriers along the way. What we then do is to discuss some common problems and discuss some strategies for ‘off track’ behavior.

Each client has different needs & a different focus, so whilst they might have similar objectives, it would be tailored to suit their exact needs.

For one client they have a partner who is not particularly supportive towards their goals. We have implemented a contract where I, the client & the significant other, agree terms to help with the chosen objectives.

For another client it helps that they have a cupboard clear out & get rid of foods that don’t help the cause!

Another client has to follow a prescriptive plan of rehabilitation before ‘ going for it’.

Ofcourse you might wonder if you will ever be ready, but you have to start somewhere!

If you want to change a behaviour it helps to do the ground work prior to increase the chance of success. It’s all part of getting you, your head & your body ready for success!

Best wishes