Getting the results you seek!


With most, if not all of my clients, the focus is about getting results! Whatever the goal, they want to feel they are achieving & what they are doing is making a difference!
Obviously I can help steer them in the right direction & offer support where needed, but ultimately they still need to do the work I’ve suggested, and stick with the programme!
Now that’s easier said then done for some!! But why?
I thought it would be good to look at the most common ways in which people can ‘go off track’ & provide some solutions to help!

Not planning ahead – ideally you need to think in advance for food prep & exercise and then plan for any difficulties. It pays to have decent methods of transportation – i.e. Plastic containers (my wife will love the fact I’m recommending this- standing joke!), flasks, cool-bags, etc

Eating out– look at menus ahead of time phone/ask (most, if not all places will modify meals to suit) & choose a suitable option or eat lighter yourself around the bigger meal out.

Tiredness- lack of sleep is a killer! It zaps energy & diminishes will power. You have to be careful not overeat or have too many stimulants to try and pick yourself up- what comes up, must come down! You can end up with a roller coaster of energy highs & lows!
If you can master power napping/relaxation it helps tremendously.
Going to bed at a reasonable time & having a routine helps too.

Self sabotage – I have clients that are doing well & going in the right direction then boom- sabotage. I think it helps to know triggers that might increase the likelihood of this happening but I would closely link this to H.E.C. (See later).

CBA’itus – i.e. can’t be arsed!! Sometimes life just gets in the way & you get a bit of the ‘I really can’t be bothered!’ We are human – it happens! I find by planning ahead & writing a specific task in the diary helps. The other thing I would suggest is get a workout buddy then you are not just relying on you! Try & get stuff ready for what you are doing as well- I have even heard of a chap going to bed in his run kit ready for the morning!! (Psychologically its hard to then take kit off & not run!)

Loss of focus – it can be easy to let life get in the way. I think it helps to remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing. I encourage clients to write down somewhere prominent or put within easy reach, the reasons why they are doing this! Be sure of why it’s important to you & why it ranks high on your priorities.

Doing the same thing – if it’s not working after a while – change it! Mix it up, try something different – don’t get bored! Change the workout, find some new recipes, a change can be as good as a rest. If you don’t progress the workout you are not asking the body to change!

Breaks from the norm! – holidays/days out/bank holidays/meetings in fact anything that takes you out of your normal routine. These things need to be planned ahead because if you are disorganised then things can slip.

Significant others intervention– in an ideal world those around you provide a network of support towards your chosen goals. They foster an environment that encourages change in the right direction. Be careful if they don’t follow your ideal or they encourage you to go ‘off plan’ often. Ensure they know what you are trying to achieve & the relative importance it has to you. Let them know the best way to support you.

HEC out of check – from previous blogs you will know about Hunger, Energy & Cravings.
It’s really important to balance all of these things so that you don’t go AWOL!
Be aware of which foods affect you from a satiety effect & the other end of the spectrum, making you hungry almost instantly. Be aware of the circumstances that affect these factors & how they change the way you feel!

I hope some of these ideas help!