This Girl Can!

Have you seen the promotional campaign developed by Sport England to encourage women of all ages and sizes to be more active, called This Girl Can (?)

It is to be shown across television, the internet and as an outdoor advertising campaign, and features real women exercising and talking about their experiences.

Sport England carried out research that indicted that two million fewer women than men are active, but that 75% want to do more. One common fear in women is that of judgement, of not feeling good enough or looking good enough.  The ad is designed to empower women to feel confident that they can exercise and it is ok to be sweaty, out of breath and not looking perfect. Slogans like ‘I kick balls, deal with it’ and ‘sweat like a pig, feel like a fox’ are emblazoned on the screen and Missy Elliott’s ‘get ur freak on’ booms away as the sound track.

I love it, and hope it will encourage more women to get active, and to believe that stylised images of women looking fit and beautiful are not what sport is about. Feeling amazing after a big sweaty exercise class and having lots of fun doing it, making friends and doing something for yourself  while improving your health is what it’s about.

So, come on girls – let’s get moving and reap the benefits exercise can bring!