Are your goals sustainable?


With 2018 already gathering momentum and the festive period seemingly a distant memory, we look ahead for a new and exciting year.

Whilst spring is certainly not here yet, the lengthening of light each day and the early glimpses of snow drops, hint at warmer times.

I would whole heartedly encourage you to do your ground work fitness now, and to plan a sustained approach to your wellness programme.

The reason my clients have signed up to my services is not only to be accountable to someone, but to help plan an effective programme of activity, nutrition and recovery.

Whatever your goals it’s imperative that they are realistic and sustainable- two key elements in long term success.

It can be easy to be ultra strict for a small period of time, but what about afterwards? What happens when you return to your old ways?

I’ll put my hands up and say been there, done that, and I’ve even got the T shirt to prove it!!

So, try to ensure that your programme is not too extreme for long term accomplishments. Sure, a short term accomplishment can lead to longer term ones, but you have to balance out how you structure your life be able to sustain it.

With, I feel sure, some New Years resolutions waining already, ask yourself-

Is it better to do 4 workouts a week and be super strict over a month/6 weeks?

Or 2 workouts a week and have a level of moderation, over a year?

Which do you think will give better overall results?

If you are typically a boom/bust type of person then the latter can be very difficult, but with applied effort, certainly not impossible.

Whichever your approach, I wish you the best of luck with your fitness, wellness and health!

Try and think longer term rather than short this year, you never know it might yield the results you seek!

Here’s to you!

Best wishes