Good wishes for 2019


Happy New Year. I hope you will feel successful, contented and lively.

What will you do differently this year? Whatever you think you should / need / want to / will do, it helps to make a plan. I’ve decided that I need to prioritise strength training, but I’m pretty sure it would continue on its current ad hoc once a week, “oops, forgot to do my exercises” format unless I make a specific plan. So, the days are picked, the time is arranged to meet up with my suspension trainer and stability ball twice a week. Tuesdays and Sundays at 3:30 or 4pm! Sorted. I already feel confident that I can do it, and excited to get into it. Wait, it’s Tuesday today? OK I’m on it.

Other things that help to ensure success in your plans for 2019 :

A buddy. Phone a friend and ask them to join you on your 10k run mission. Friend or family positive encouragement cannot be underestimated. Having social support is one of the biggest predictors of adherence to behaviour change commitments.

Flexibility. No, not the bendy limbs kind, the adjustability in both your targets and your agreements to change. Be prepared to modify your aims in the face of difficulties or just ‘life’.

Setback acceptance. One lapse does not a relapse make. Don’t worry about occasional missed exercise sessions or deviations from your eating plan. Get back in the groove as soon as you can and forget about a minor lapse.

Joy. Find an activity and eating style you take pleasure in and success is highly likely. If you’ve not found it yet, keep looking!

You can do whatever you want, you just have to want it enough, and remember happiness is within your grasp.

Lisa 🙂