I think today’s sunny weather combined with a welcome break mid afternoon, made me, what my school report called, ‘a daydreamer!’

Despite what I feel was highlighted as a negative then, (especially where mindfulness is so topical), it is, in hind-site, actually not a bad thing to do occasionally. Switch off, let your mind wander, and your thoughts float away.

In a world that dictates everything in an instant – instant information, instant response, instant communication, there is some solace in just ‘switching off’ for a bit.

How we interpret our own life very much depends on so many different interrelating factors, and with many different potential outcomes, it’s amazing the majority of us are at an even keel! (If we are indeed!)

One thing I’ve found though as I’ve got older, is that I’m far more grateful. Grateful for living, grateful for all my life experiences and grateful for the freedom of being able to choose how I feel.

Life has many twists and turns, some good, some not so good, but how I choose to interpret them is my own personal super hero power. No matter what life throws at me, I’m still grateful. There is always something to be grateful for, and that is very liberating!

Whether it’s good or bad situation, i look at it as a learning opportunity! If it’s good then I’ll enjoy it and try and do it again, if it’s bad then I will try and learn from it, so I know in future how to deal with it better.

I can think of some situations where people where negative to me or about me- well I can tell you now – that fires me up- because I know it’s a reflection of them, not me, and I use it to get stronger. It definitely wasn’t always like that, but life experience has taught me to rise above it all.

It can be easy to perceive a situation in a negative way and for it to affect you negatively, but ultimately you have the power to interpret it how you want. I’ve found that with some people and common situations, they cannot, or rather will not, change their ways (and that’s their prerogative). So the only way for me to improve the situation is to look at the way I personally perceive it. Then the power is back in my hands.

Just the one factor of being grateful, has truly improved my life to a whole other level. I hope you too are able to be grateful for the gift of life and all it brings.

Best wishes