Happiness……. as a family we were discussing career choices & progressions. My eldest has GCSE’s exams coming up & has had to choose a higher education pathway. The twins have just had to choose their GCSE’s to study over the next 3 years. Between them, my lot have quite varied aspirations.
It’s quite a young age to make signifant life choices but whichever direction these take them, above all, I want them to be happy.
This got me thinking about my clients & them being happy.
Clients come to me to change something they are not happy about- be it shape, lifestyle, health, injurys, diet, energy, etc
They want to feel happier about these things & I too want them to feel happier!!
But, amongst many positive changes sometimes people are still not happy- just a little bit more, just a bit further, just a bit smaller etc
This got me thinking, (I do that a LOT!), that perhaps whilst living, there should be that little pause button, to reflect what actually has been accomplished. Sometimes there has been a major shift in thinking, major changes in mental outlook, significant body composition changes, & yet in some there is a psyche of wanting more.
Perhaps, be happy about what you have accomplished already & re-evaluate what’s really important to you. There’s nothing inherently wrong with wanting more, as long as you are able to understand what you have accomplished & be realistic about whats attainable.
Perhaps by considering these factors you might just be a little happier.
Clap along, if you feel that, happiness is the truth……