Half term shenanigans!


Half term is nearly upon us – well, it feels like it, because of all the organising to be done ahead of the actual week in order for smooth running of children’s and adults’ work and activities. Depending on the ages of one’s little ones, childcare arrangements can be tricky but essential if you are planning to do at least a little work and exercise. Mine are both now at senior school so leaving them for two or three hours at a time is fine with me, but I would worry leaving them for longer, mainly about them burning the house down making pancakes!

So, how will you fit in any time for yourself amongst the demands of family and work? Possibly the only way is by planning ahead – writing on your family calendar two or three half to whole hours during the week when you can hang the ‘DO NOT DISTURB’ sign metaphorically around your neck. Ask for support from your partner if you have one to ‘hold the fort’ while you nip out for a twenty minute jog, swim a few lengths or walk the nearest hill a few times. For some people spontaneity works but for others having it written down at a specific time for all to see encourages participation, garners family assistance and can make you accountable too.

If you have limited time without your children in half term, ask them / force them to join in with you. I bet they’ll love it.:) Or, get sweaty with some weights and stairs while you leave the children to be bored, because a little boredom is good for their imaginations, right?

One last thing: if you feel too tired, exercise will definitely perk you up, once you’ve persuaded yourself to get your kit on.

Happy holiday!

Lisa 🙂