Happiness…. 10 lessons I’ve learnt so far….


1. That as an individual I am in total control of how I feel and how I choose to react to others. That looking internally and taking self responsibility for my own actions brings about greater power within.

2. That being grateful for all life’s experiences whether good, bad or indifferent puts you in a different (read better) frame of mind. I look at each life experience as a learning opportunity.

3. That happiness needs to be worked on rather than just assumed or by waiting for it to magically happen. Your focus can improve it and by doing the things that make you happy more often, it naturally lifts you.

4. Life experiences that cause pain, hurt and discomfort generally force you to come out a better person the other side. Whilst not always enjoyable, great things come from darkness. It can make you find strength you never knew you had!

5. That effective sleep, rest and recovery are miracles to putting a positive spin and new fresh thinking on testing situations.

6. That being around positive people rubs off. Conversely being around negative people can sap energy. Choose friends wisely.

7. Having a direction, purpose or calling that has meaning to you to direct your positive actions makes you happier. Most people want to make their mark in this world- find whatever it is in you and go at it with full speed.

8. Be a Realist. It’s easy to compare your life with others and feel ‘they’ are doing better. My advice is don’t compare. Be the best you can be for you and don’t worry about others.

9. Try not to be everything for everyone. I’ve learnt not everyone will like you, regardless of what you do or how you are. Be true to yourself and learn to accept and let go. (Still working on this one!)

10. That your food and activity choices have a profound effect on both your physical and mental state. Find what suits you, learn what doesn’t and build a structure that is sustainable in the long term.

I hope that helps you to consider your own personal happiness pathway.

Best wishes