Happy New Year


Happy New Year. 2018. Time for change?

I hope you have had a very happy Christmas and feel optimistic about the year ahead. Are there any habits you have formed that are not ideal for promoting best health? This week could be a good time to sit down and think through these unhelpful habits and prioritise behavioural changes to enhance your well being.

I think breaking negative habits can be very difficult, whereas modifying those habits in the direction of optimal health could be easier. So, rather than stopping negative behaviours completely, changing them for a slightly healthier option and bedding that change for a few weeks can lead to the formation of a better habit, taking you closer towards your goals. For example, sneaking in a few Christmas gift chocolates with a late afternoon cup of tea could be easily switched for a handful of nuts, a yoghurt or a piece of fruit with the chocolate put in a cupboard out of sight. Switching one food for another at certain times of day can lead to associations being made which make it easier to maintain that nourishing behaviour.

Although this may seem tricky at first, and requires some thought, slowly altering your habits for a better choice may bring success more easily than trying to stop a habit completely.

Lisa 🙂