Haters gonna’ hate!❤️ lessons in love!


Lesson 10- appreciate who you are & what you have achieved & encourage others.


I found this meme this week & I just love its sentiments! It got me thinking- wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could offer encouragement to everyone for their achievements & be happy for them?
I’m not too sure if it’s an age thing, but there seems to be a little too much hate around for my liking. What is that all about?!
It’s becoming accepted to hate? What?!!!!

Consumerism can partly be to blame- surely being rich doesn’t have to focus on the material ‘things’, money & wealth?

What about focussing instead on building friendships, family bonds, helping others, & providing strong support networks? Does this not make us ‘richer’?!!!!!
Life for most is tough anyway; jealousy, petty squabbles, & nastiness doesn’t help one iota!

We are bombarded with adverts that market to our insecurities- bad breath? Stained teeth? Cellulite? Tummy firming? Smoother firmer skin? Hell – even stickers almost goading haters saying I ❤️ haters!!

In fact it could almost be seen as rebellious to actually love yourself!

Advertising informs us we must have bigger, better, slimmer, firmer & new and improved!
What this does is make us compare & contrast with others & think – hey, how come I haven’t got that and how come they have?

Working in the fitness industry I see first hand how these insecurities manifest themselves.
Media portrayal, in my opinion, set unrealistic goals for the general public. Back in skinny jeans after 6 weeks post partum? Six pack body in 12?
What doesn’t help is the airbrushing of photos that are not even close to real!

I actually love the recent backlash with the ‘are you beach body ready’ advert, where people said ‘f@ck you!’ I’m ready anytime to go on the beach, not when the advertisers feel that I’ve reached a standard to be able to show my body!

What about enjoying feeling fit by doing healthy amounts of exercise & having a diet of moderation, where you are not depriving yourself or going on any faddy diets? What about enjoying resistance based exercise & the benefits it gives you- feeling toned, stronger & looking better- not even for others, but for you?! What about feeling cardiovascularly fit & being able to do everyday tasks without becoming too breathless?

Being active & eating well has such a HUGE impact on our wellness. Rather than setting the bar too high, why not just integrate some things to provide a basic framework?

How about learning to appreciate yourself as an amazing human being, as you are, who is able to do incredible things?
I would heartily encourage you to start with the ‘you’. As the old adage goes you can’t love others until you love yourself.

Is that too much to ask?