Hello World! 🐣

A very happy Easter to you all!

You can see what we’ve been up to from the photo above, which I took this week. Leo our Labrador, chasing Tom (my son), in his kayak on the beach, very luckily,  in front of our house. 

I just thought I’d check in with you all and see how you are doing physically and mentally?

It’s unprecedented times, so I think it’s perfectly normal to feel out of sorts.

Its been suggested that structure can create a more familiar feeling, and help with overall well-being. 

Perhaps some of you already have a loose structure, if you are able to work from home, but what if not?

I know from clients that I’m working with online, that they are occasionally struggling, but not quite being a able to put their finger on it. 

Personally, I have had days just not feeling right, but I’ve reasoned, well, that’s not surprising really, considering the current climate! 

Outside of work it’s been hugely cathartic to do those jobs that i’ve just never got around to doing (or perhaps put off on purpose 🤣). 

I’ve been finishing off clearing my mum and dads house and have finally (hopefully) filled the last 10 yard skip! 

It’s a mixture of feelings really- happy to be finally getting closer to finishing but equally saddened at the prospect of closing another door in life. 

At the Dollery encampment, I am extremely happy with progress. 

Loads of rooms cleared of family ‘stuff’ that tends to accumulate just through living, and the big double garage shed is finally being demolished. (Although it’s been demolishing itself over the years, just very slowly!!) 

I do hope you are all making the best of your one hours exercise outside time? 

If you are not doing it already, I heartily encourage you to at least walk and get some fresh air. 

Walking doesn’t have to be full pace or Nordic, just peaceful, take it all in and enjoy life, style.

It’s a very underestimated mode of activity, and perfect for getting any of those stress hormones reducing.

We’ve also been taking it in turns cycling around the countryside, which has been a lovely contrast to the amazing coastal dog walks.

There are many forms of home exercise that you can do, with or without kit, so please feel free to pick my brains, as to the best way to go about it. 

I am still linking in live with clients, mainly through FaceTime, so if you are lacking motivation, ideas, want something more effective, or just a catch-up, I’d  be only too happy to help! 

Sending my very best wishes and thoughts to you all. 

Remember to make time for yourselves and to allow time for working on your mental strength aswell as your physical.

I hope that we don’t have to be lockdown for too much longer, but equally that people are compliant enough not to lengthen time needed to get beyond Covid19.