Here’s to the Dads!

Well, Father’s Day is upon us and it arrives with mixed feelings. 

On the one hand I feel incredibly grateful for my amazing family and the love around me, on the other, sad that it’s the first Father’s Day, without my own father.

I realise this can be true for many reading this but it’s a new experience for me.  

I feel alas, the old saying “you don’t know what you miss until it’s gone”, holds true here. 

Luckily I had chance to tell my dad my feelings towards him, but why does it take a death to sometimes truly realise your inner feelings? 

I have found it very interesting that’s the ‘dads’ role in the family has changed over time. Of course with both partners working now, generally it’s ‘all hands on deck’. 

My dad was a modern man before his time, he did chores around cleaning, ironing, sewing and was even known to change the odd nappy, something my grandad found hilarious, because it was so far removed from his own parenting. 

They say you should never have regrets, it reminds me of that old Sinatra song, regrets I have a few. (Funnily enough it’s one of Lisa’s Dads songs). 

Luckily I only have one. That during my kids growing up, I didn’t go on all the family holidays. Sounds awful now I write it, but as both lisa and I are self employed I was always worried about not having enough money to pay the bills. 

I am certain this will be made up over time with my own, and with my future generations. 

So I feel it’s fair to say how important it is to celebrate ‘Dadship’. In an ever changing role I feel the expectations are growing and with it more challenges. 

Here’s to all those without your dads, I am truly sorry for your loss & to those that are still with you, cherish them.

Don’t forget to tell them how you truly feel before it’s too late. 

This blog is in memory to both my father Colin Harry George Dollery (1937-2018) and to Lisa’s Dad, Bo (Robert) Boyd (1947-2018). R.I.P

Until next week, best wishes,