Holiday workout ideas!

Well, We’ve just come back from Ibiza on a wonderful holiday. Of course I wanted to keep my training up whilst away and luckily they had a gym, but it was still very limited, to what I was used to.

Despite being a good quality hotel, you could tell the kit was chosen by budget, as opposed to function. 

So It got me thinking that most of you must have limited training when away on your holidays, so here are some training ideas for you! 

Obviously you could train without any kit, which is the easiest, and some of these can even be done in your hotel room. 

Here’s a mainly core based session that can also get you breathless when completed in close succession.  5 exercises, 5 reps, descending to 1. So 5 of each first, then 4, then 3,2,1. That’s a set block. Do as many blocks/sets in 20 minutes. Work as hard as you can but also rest when you feel the need so you can go again. 

  1. press ups – full, 3/4 or box.
  2. Leg slides (slow, supine, alternate leg out) 
  3. Alternate knee tuck (full press up hold/or elbows on chair/bed)
  4. Side plank rotation (bent knee/scissor/or stacked – thread the needle)
  5. Alternate leg lift plank position – on elbows, full plank toe no higher than heel of other leg/ or on knees 3/4 position.

If you have limited weight dumbbells in the gym rack, the trick is to combine exercises together one after the other and to slow the exercises down (think 4-8 second reps), this makes it a lot harder! 

Here’s a basic metabolic chain, same method as above, but with weights. Use a weight that is do-able but challenging! The same weight for each exercise.

  1. Press up (holding on to DB’s or not) 
  2. Floor alternate rows (full or knee position)
  3. Squats 
  4. Biceps curls 
  5. Shoulder press 

If you want a bit more cardio biased work try some rest based intervals. What I like about these is you can (within reason!) rest as much as you need to recover, but then work intensely. 

Use 20,40, and 60 second intervals adjusting the ‘harder’ exercises for the shorter times. 20 minutes including rest. Go when you can, rest when you need.

For example;

Star jumps 20 secs 

Cross country ski 40 secs 

High knee on the spot sprints 60 secs 


Squat jumps 20 secs 

Bound and hop backwards 40 secs 

Jump jacks 60 secs 

If you want some outside work, try things like beach sprints. 20-30 metre sprints walk back x 10. 

Or stair sprints 20/40/60 second intervals, walk back recovery. 

Of course, holiday time is also an important time to recharge and recover so include plenty of that too!!

Best wishes