Holiday workouts ideas!


A brief blog this week just to say I hope you are all making the best of the summer holidays?

Whilst we are away on holiday, it can certainly be time to take stock, relax and take some well earned time out.

I personally like to build workouts into my holiday as I feel better for it!

I also have a tendency to overeat – especially if it’s an all inclusive, so it at least readdress’s some of the balance!!

I don’t know what it is, but my psyche says make the most of it, get your moneys worth!!

I do enjoy exercising even more on holiday though, because it makes me feel better and I enjoy the rest and relaxation so much more after.

So here’s just a few of my ideas for some short, sharp holiday workouts, to keep things ticking over;

– find a kids park before the kids get there. Step up on the benches, climb on the climbing frame, pull-up on the bars, shuttle run, leap and bound, etc

– Hotel room metabolic chain, 5 reps each exercise then descending 4,3,2,1. Press up, alternate lunge, alternate leg lift plank, squats or squat jumps, side plank with rotation. Go till you can’t, rest till you can- 10-20 minutes

– Get to the beach do sand dune shuttle runs if flat, or sand dune hills if not 10-20 second sprint hard, slow walk recovery. 10-20 minutes including rest.

– Go find some big outdoor steps/stairs – sprint up and easy jog/walk back down -10-20 minutes.

– Get in the pool- shuttle sprint swim one or two lengths hard then one or two recovery. 10-20 minutes. You can use floats to emphasise legs or arms. Leg kicks on pool side are good too!

– Get in the sea jog or fast walk up and down with water at waist level – 10-20 minutes!

Just a few ideas! Enjoy! I’m off to Boardmasters surf and music festival this week! 🏄🏻‍♂️⛱🎼

Best wishes