Holidays – sometimes produce fitness and health improvements!

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Holidays sometimes produce fitness and health improvements! Well….. sometimes. Obviously depends on what you like to do on holiday. My clients this week have had quite varied responses to their summer holiday period. One gained 3kg in two weeks, felt sluggish and less fit from constant lounging by the pool in the admirable pursuit of reading books, another lost a stone by spending her time focussing on low carbohydrate eating – good on you K! Others have suffered with the hot weather and limited their movements.

Personally I think I stayed the same weight, whereas I was expecting an increase due to the bagfuls of french bread and jam I ate during 5.5 weeks away, plenty of crisps and more wine than usual. However, our holiday was spent camping, and there is a lot of manual labour involved with camping, such as hand-washing-up, clothes washing (heaps of it), erecting and dismantling the tent eight times, walking several hundred metres every time a toilet break is required, cooking, chasing a mouse around the tent (terrifying & hilarious), shouldering the tent in a storm and general housekeeping. Not to mention the mountain bike rides every other day, either climbing up steep mountains or hurtling down them, trying not to lose sight of my family. Also, we were in mountains most of the time, and probably derived some high altitude benefit to the aerobic system when hiking, running or cycling.

Whatever type of holiday suits you, and if you’re about to embark on one, it can be an opportunity to do things differently and spend some uninterrupted time on a physical activity you enjoy or focus your attention on eating healthier foods, meditating, swimming, walking more. It can be easier when the stress of normal life is lifted for a few weeks to embark on lifestyle changes that you then aim to continue on your return.

Well, summer is still with us, so enjoy the warm weather while it lasts.

Lisa 🙂