It’s quite interesting when I look at the statistical analysis for my blogs to see how many people each one has reached.
Without fail, it’s the ones where I’ve laid my heart on the line, that have reached the most people.

To me, I try and be honest and transparent as I can be, because I want it to be real, true to form and touch people, even if it’s just in some small way.

Honesty is something i feel is very important and something very close to my heart. In this current climate it’s something I feel is well needed and what people seek to feel safe and secure. I would say being trustworthy is paramount.

With each article/blog I write, I think and research carefully and check before publishing. From my viewpoint it’s my reputation that I hold sacred.

I write about sport science, health and wellness too, but it’s worth noting, as I’ve said many times before, that with any science related topics there’s always more than one way to approach things. As I said In last weeks blog it pays to question everything!

Things change, new research comes in, questions are asked, topics discussed and argued. There are viewpoints I’ve held that have changed as I’ve learnt more – that is the nature of it, but it’s an educated viewpoint. By reading, doing courses and seminars, you try and keep up to date with current thinking. As it’s a transient state, then you have to go with it or learn more to make a valued judgement.

Let’s face it, we are totally bombarded with such a lot of information all the time now, I really do appreciate anybody taking the time out to read the blogs, and especially share, my the information. Being forewarned is being armed!

Obviously I want it to make a difference, even if it’s only making the reader just think a little bit differently or consider another perspective.
I feel honoured to be able to share my thoughts and actually find it a cathartic process to put my thoughts out there.

Just for your own information, these are written bi weekly , to help keep Personal Space up in the google rankings. So when someone searches personal training Bristol we (hopefully) appear on the top half of the first search page.

That aside, we also want the information to be useful/helpful and interesting, so please feedback if you’d like more information on anything in particular.

These blogs are just one thing that helps with the google rankings. So when you like or share our information if makes a HUGE difference to our page position. For that reason I really wanted to say a very big THANKYOU, for liking, commenting and sharing our blogs, it really is very much appreciated.

Best wishes