So I’ve noticed that with all the negative going’s on, there’s actually some positive aspects to come out of this terrible global epidemic.

Under all the greater stress to make ends meet, the crisis life management, and the reduction of our freedom, is an underbelly of collective understanding and joining of the people.

Yes sure, we have seen some of the not so nice human elements, of greed and stockpiling, but rising up to the top is a, let’s fight this together, let’s make the best of it, attitude.

Families are pulling together for the greater good, neighbours are being kept an eye on more-so, and the people are collectively going beyond the scope of their normal remit, to help others outside of their social circle. 

I absolutely love the collective ‘Jamming’ sessions from the balconies and the singing to lift the spirits. 

Yes, these are without doubt, worrying times, as it’s an unknown entity, but the world is reacting and dealing with the new threat with vigour. 

It’s actually refreshing to read all the memes on social media, because it reminds us that we can still see the humour in a bad situation.

I say make the best of a bad situation. Sure my business is severely affected, but there’s other ways to work with this. 

I’ve already been training clients outside and they are enjoying the change, and I am offering FaceTime/Skype sessions for those that don’t want to come into the studio. 

The other thing that’s happening with the extra bit of free time, is that I’m getting more of those jobs done at home. 

Less productivity at work, has meant increased production at home!! 

Don’t get me wrong, I certainly don’t want this to carry on, just like the next person, but as the saying goes, control only the controllable. 

A big part of this is out of our control, so it’s really important for our sanity and overall wellness, to minimise the worry around that which we can’t control. 

Whilst we want to know what’s going on, equally we do not need to be reminded every five seconds. 

At the same time as wanting to be informed, it’s equally important to switch off and rewind. 

I hope you are able to strike a balance in the current madness. 

Il leave you with the attached video of the very emotive nessun dorma sung from the rooftops by the tenor Maurizzio Marchino to give hope to the people of Florence and beyond.

Until next week,