Maximising hormonal response in gaining muscle & losing body fat

This time last week I had just finished a seminar about hormonal response on muscle gain & fat loss. I have to say absolutely fascinating & an area I really want to learn a lot more about.

With SO much information, it’s a lot to take in and digest, but I will do my best over the next few weeks/months. I will share what I have learnt to help you understand a little bit more about changing your body composition & improving overall wellness.

There’s some very cutting edge topics & controversial theories that really rock!

Where do I start in disseminating such information?!

Here’s just some of the topics covered;

* how to get the body switching on fat use for fuel

* How controlling stress is one of the keys to fat loss

* How to shift stubborn tummy fat by using ketogenic methods

* How using the traditional food pyramid can make you fat

* How cancers main fuel is sugar!

* The affects of dehydration on fat loss

* How your body’s chemical messengers (hormones) have a huge impact on body compositional change.

* The body’s hormonal response in Anabolism (building) vs catabolism (breaking down).

* How the modern disease – stress, high sugar, sleep deprivation, food chemicals are all changing how our body works effectively.

* How some dietary fats are not considered the enemy they once were. In fact the exact opposite!

As with all sports science topics there’s always two sides to the story but I look forwards to sharing & deliberating it all with you.

Best wishes