Human traits!


I have just got back from a fascinating day, hosted by British Athletics, in which both parent and athlete,(myself and my son), where taught and induced, about the Athletics Academy of Sporting Excellence programme.

This is performance pathway programme for 16-18 year olds, who they believe have potential to compete as a senior, internationally.

The course is over two years, over a number of training camps and covers many salient aspects; technical and tactics, physical, mental and psychological, career planning, finance, nutrition, communication and media, culture, values and behaviours, to name a few.

I spent the whole day with other parents and coaches, and Tom with fellow athletes, on two separate strands.

I felt very honoured to be there, and listen to top level coaches, selectors and top athletes.

The very last workshop of the day for me however was one of the most enlightening, as the facilitator was getting everyone involved.

In true high tech style we all linked our phones to the WiFi and a specific website, and were asked to contribute words to the huge screen in front of us.

The question asked of both parents and coaches was;

What makes a great athlete?

The words each of us chose flew onto the big screen all inter mixing and jumbling through.

Fascinatingly the words chosen did not focus on factors such power, strength, cardiovascular ability, flexibility, dynamics etc but on more human traits and descriptive words, that defined their character!

The slide is in the beginning of this blog and also on front page header.

Words chosen such as;

Mentally tough,
Self belief,
Positive attitude,

I could go on.

But the thing that struck me was this- that the words used are all traits we would want to become an awesome high functioning human being.

Not just sport, but life.

There’s obviously other aspects involved here, but we can start to see the power of sport, and how it can improve the sports person off the track/pitch/court/playing field.

One of my clients of old, was very high up in Human Resources in a national insurance company.
I can clearly remember her saying she would always look at a CV for top achieving sports people, and you can see here why! Case in point.

So how does this relate to you?

That with anything you really want and are aiming for, it takes some of these key traits to succeed.

It doesn’t just happen.

Hone these key traits and you will be on the path to success.

Best wishes