Knowledge is Power!

I read a lot & link up to a number of websites & social media, so thats a lot of information to take in and digest. We are all in information overload really & I know I’m part of that (!) but hopefully I’m helping you by sifting through and finding good stuff & making you think?

I read some very good well written, informative stuff, and then also some poorly written & researched, Ill informed stuff!

There is a lot of conflicting information telling you you should do this,  or you should definitely not eat that!

There will always be conflict & diverse opinion as similar studies can refute & say exactly the opposite!

For the lay person this can be very confusing!

As humans, most prefer to have a definitive answer in black & white- i.e. this is exactly correct & this is definitely wrong. Unfortunately it just doesn’t work like that for a lot of sport science/health/nutrition related topics!

There are many grey areas that work for some & not for others. There are so many interrelated factors that can affect an outcome.

If it was a full scientific study then ideally it needs to have;

– a big study base
– double blind so the testers can’t influence the result
– not financially supported by interested parties

to name just a few things.

I always say if it sounds too good to be true it probably is! I would encourage you to question everything & be wary of bold statements.

Of course the other thing is what works for some doesn’t with for others!
Isn’t that infuriating?!

So what’s the answer?

Learn from what you have tried in the past about your own unique metabolism/body/food intake.

Question everything! Be informed ! Go with the majority consensus, at that time! Keep reading & learning!

Try out new forms of exercise & foods over time, being careful not to change too much at once and then see what you think ‘works’ for you!

If you feel your regime is not working after a good period of time, change something & test yourself.

Best wishes