Infra red therapy!

As my sons training schedule starts to ramp up again, both technical and strength and conditioning, I was looking for research to help get him quicker recovery, in between training sessions. 

I found a meta study, which reviews research studies, which provided a consensus statement on muscular recovery. 

I was very interested to read that alternating heat and cold therapy, appears to speed up recovery processes better than the individual processes.

Tom already uses ice, so I looked at an easy way to direct heat onto muscle groups. 

After looking I found the perfect source- infra red! 

It appears to have many benefits through its heat source, is safe to use, and I found one with a free standing base and angle poise lamp style adjustment. 

It appears that it’s regular use can reduce inflammation, muscular and joint pain, and increases blood flow and function to the target area. 

Infra red appears to go deep into the tissues at a cellular level, causing an improved repair process. 

I’ve included a picture within this blog to give you an idea but it’s suggested to also help arthritis, tendonitis, joint issues and many other muscular pains. 

Best wishes