Inspirational act of self belief!



Ways to improve self belief
(Lesson 17)

I saw a video today that definitely moved me. It must have struck a nerve somewhere as I am not ashamed to say it made me cry.

The video showed a lady blindfolded, standing in a busy high street. with only bra & pants on, with a notice board. It said how she suffered with self esteem issues & that this was to give courage to others to believe & love themselves.
She held pens in her hand & encouraged others to write a message on her body.
At the end she had some wonderful messages of encouragement, love & support- truly heartwarming.
In my line of work I have people coming to me for all sorts of reasons, but there is definitely a commonality in wanting to change appearance.
Whilst many improve their overall wellbeing & fitness, it is the physical changes that is the main motivator in a lot of people. This then encourages them to change their lifestyle, activity & food.
The perfectionist will always want to improve & there will always be little adjustments to be made. So effectively they are never truly happy with their achievements because they feel they could always improve. At the other end you can get those that yo yo back and forth, being super strict with their regime & then effectively letting go again. With this comes a yo yo of moods & emotions depending on how well they have ‘stuck’ with it or gone off plan.
Personally I have been all of these things at sometime in my life & I’m beginning to realise it’s not a healthy state to be in.
So what’s the answer?
Well, there is no straightforward answer, as we are all different people with different needs, however, through my own experience & with helping others I have found this;

It helps to find peace on some level with yourself,
It helps to be grateful of every single little achievement
It helps to focus on the positives & not dwell on the negatives
It helps to take one day at a time
It helps to talk to somebody else that understands
It helps to ignore the self talk that doubts you & to replace that with positive affirmations.
It helps to have focus on what you REALLY want & know WHY you are doing it.
It helps to focus on the long term steady goals, as well as the short term.
It helps to have moderation in both exercise & food, rather than boom or bust periods.
It helps to look forwards & not backwards.


Here is the video link if you’d like to see it…

Best wishes

Stuart 😊