Intuitive Eating – what is it?

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Intuitive eating is suggested in nutrition literature as a more effective attitude to eating for bodyweight control than traditional calorie reduction diets. It basically relies on your body’s natural cues for hunger and desires for certain foods, and its innate ability to regulate fullness. Like we all used to do as children. 

Intuitive eating discourages the labelling of foods as ‘good’ or ‘bad’, and encourages notice of how foods make you feel, how they affect your energy levels, and  identifying when food is used for comfort. While diets promote feelings of guilt and shame from failure, intuitive eating can support a more comfortable relationship with food. 
It is claimed that this way of eating actually enhances nutrient intake, reduces eating-disorder symptoms and does not cause weight gain. 

It sounds so simple and obvious, but relying on instinctive messages that often go awry with weight gain presents clear problems. Regaining the body’s internal cues related to food may be possible with practise, time, focus and support, but it might seem like a scary prospect for many.

Are you ready to take the leap and trust that your body knows what it wants?

Lisa 🙂