Just breathe.

There’s been a lot of illness around over this┬álast week & it got me thinking about looking after yourself. What I mean by that is actually putting yourself before others.


Is that wrong? Is that contrary to common British belief systems?


This could be viewed as narcissistic, but actually it’s imperative for your own personal wellness. By looking after yourself, you actually become better equipped to help others.


I’m still working on it.


I was brought up to be kind & consider others (generally first) but I think I have taken that to an extreme sometimes, & to the detriment of myself.


I’ve realised over the years that self preservation is paramount. Many times I have actually felt guilty for thinking of myself before others. I’ve realised now that that’s not a good premise. In fact any guilt feeling is very destructive in its nature.


I work in a caring profession. I love being able to help & improve clients – to me that’s what it’s all about.


Making a difference.


I am very much still in my infancy of learning life skills for my own personal wellness.


Following on from a more recent blog, I mentioned ‘just being’. Taking time out from tasks & distractions, being in tune with oneself, is exactly one way that can help you put yourself first.


I believe in this fast paced instant world we live in, that allowing ‘me’ time is a great start to improving personal wellbeing.


What’s ‘me’ time?

This depends on each individual. For some it could be going to bed early & relaxing, it could be a bath with essential oils in candle light. For others it could be a bracing seaside walk or mountain biking on the hillside.

Another time it could be just sitting somewhere quiet and peaceful & doing absolutely nothing.


For a lot of us (me included) we measure our days success by tasks accomplished & jobs done. What about ticking off some ‘me time’ tasks?


Switch off from the world, plan it into your schedule & embrace it without the guilt!


Having ‘space’ needn’t be a luxury. By just allowing some ‘me’ time, it might be enough for you to re engage with that most important person- yourself.


Unplug from the world & engage with the inner you. Just breathe.


Best wishes

Stuart 😊