Life is not fair!! (Lesson 12)


There’s one hard lesson I’ve learnt in life & something I hope my kids understand, is that life is not fair, & you shouldn’t expect it to be either. There’s no sour grapes here just facing facts!

This needs to be remembered too in your quest to change your body composition!


Clients want results & whilst using my most recently learnt techniques, have brought about excellent results, sometimes they just don’t come quick enough or regular enough! Here’s a hard lesson that’s worth repeating twice!!

Fat loss is not uniform – it’s not a steady reliable loss, it changes just as everything in you changes.

Fat loss is not uniform – it’s not a steady reliable loss, it changes just as everything in you changes.

There are SO many factors that can affect you losing body fat – it is now understood that it’s NOT as easy as eating less & exercising more. For long term fat loss the body compensates & adjusts- a process called metabolic compensation.
One way around this, which will be discussed at a later date is to change things up- don’t keep doing the same thing!

Linked with this irregular fat loss is the notion that the body is NOT a calculator. As frustrating as I know this sounds – fat loss doesn’t consider fairness!! Your metabolism doesn’t care if you are following the latest fad fat busting secret formula diet, unless it suits your very own unique genetic make up. Is this fair no! Life doesn’t always tend to be! Suck it up buttercup!!! 😂

If your mindset says – I’ve done this, this & this, so therefore I MUST lose ‘weight!’ then I think somewhere along the line you are going to get disappointed! Hell! I should know – I’ve been there, done it & not only bought the T shirt but the whole company!!

You will not find this by following somebody else’s 40 day pre planned/pre prescribed diet- it all comes down to something I’ve talked about before – being your own detective & finding what works for YOU.

So you need to have what Jade Teta of the metabolic effect calls – structured flexibility. Having a loose structure of exercise & food that you can then manipulate to suit your own needs. A list of the types of foods & exercise that are more effective or less so, & then learning what suits the unique YOU.

This can explain how one person can still lose ‘weight’ by eating bowls of Frosties & another puts on ‘weight’ simply by looking at a stick of celery!


So the body & the metabolism has to be prepared in the right way to increase the chances of burning fat! It doesn’t just magically happen! You need to get the body ready to do it!

I followed the principles of the metabolic effect & I would be happy to share what I learnt about my own unique metabolism.
But, as mentioned before, this is what    I learnt about ME, it could & will more probably will be, different for you.

Tune in next week & I will outline my plan & the learning process I went through in the hopes it will help you with your own detective work!


Best wishes,