‘Just’ walking….


This photograph was taken early this morning, on a glorious spring day, along the sand dunes in Brean and Berrow, just along the coast from where I live.

Leo our ‘puppy,’ although not very puppy like in stature now, loving being able to bound up the sand dunes and dart in and out of the tall grasses.

I’m very lucky to have this so close to my doorstep and I now realise just how much being in this environment, is not only good for overall wellness, but good for nurturing the soul.

Walking in nature has been shown to have greater effects than just city walking.

I always come off the beach feeling better than when I went on.
(Its a well known fact that moderate walking decreases the cortisol stress response).

Prior to dog ownership, I hadn’t realised also what huge health benefits their are, not only the companionship but just enjoyment in sharing life.

I used to run classes and teach power walking, but I’m not on about this here, I’m on about just soaking up the surroundings, taking in the fresh air, and just enjoying being at one with nature.

One of the metabolic effect conferences I went to a few years ago also interestingly highlighted the huge effect of daily movement (as opposed to formal exercise) had on overall calorific expenditure.

It was shown to have a greater effect than formal exercise, on expenditure.

It makes sense really as, rather than an hour workout, you have more time to move over the day.

I encourage you to do lots of ‘just’ walking – especially with a dog, you’ll be surprised at not only the benefits but how it makes you feel!

Best wishes