Just do it!!


I’ve just come back from another inspirational day at Loughborough University, with my son Tom.

I love watching the athletes train and do drills, as their movement quality is really on point, I’d say

To look and perform like this generally implies hours and hours of doing the same techniques.

This hones their movement for their sport so when required, the body performs with maximum efficiency, and with little ‘unwanted’ movement.

Not all training is ‘sexy’ though and sometimes it just means hard work, diligence and extreme focus.

And here is my point with us ‘mere mortals’ with our own training.

Sometimes we might not feel like doing it, or the training is not exactly what we prefer to do, but we do it anyway.

It can be easy to put off training, or justify to yourself you are too tired but then we know one session missed, can lead to a slippery slope.

Some of the best training sessions I’ve done are when I haven’t felt like doing it, but I’ve thought, il just do something, it’s better than nothing!

And then, the blood starts flowing, the energy kicks in and boom you are feeling better, and are having a good session.

Just this week I had parked up outside my gym and while I was collecting my stuff, the guy parked next to me and spoke to his friend;

“It’s too easy isn’t it?
to not go training!
But I’ve committed to it and I’m going to do it!”

That’s the spirit!

I hope you too can embrace this ethos. We might not have the level of dedication of these high level athletes, but we can certainly still apply some good old fashioned tenacity!

Good luck with this coming weeks training!

All the very best,