Keep on moving……


Well, Easter is upon us with predictably a change in the good weather! Let’s hope for a bit of sunshine with the increased leisure time!

I’ve no doubt we will all be ‘out and about’ a little bit more than normal, and this increased movement is a fantastic tonic for increasing overall wellness. In fact, just walking, not even power walking or Nordic walking, has great health benefits, stress reduction and ofcourse helps towards that daily 10k steps focus.

It made me think of the metabolic effect summit i went to couple of years ago. Whilst we all obviously knew the benefits of planned formal exercise, it made me realise how important just regular movement is, especially in expending energy.

In fact when you consider you would burn let’s say 600 calories an hour of very hard exercise approximately, you can see the much higher potential for calorie burn in keeping moving throughout the day.

So even if you might not feel like doing exercise for that day, you can still try and move more and enjoy the benefits it brings!

Best wishes