Keep the fire burning! 🔥

Well, storm Ciara, is currently kicking in nicely as I sit in the comfort of my lounge. 

Watching the trees bend and twist and the rain go horizontally, I’m just in awe of nature’s raw power. 

I think the enforced rest has got Tom (my son) restless, as he’s out there (despite the weather) throwing his medicine ball with all his might, and running up and down, drilling with his javelin. 

And that’s what it takes, if you want to get the best out of yourself.





Amongst many other traits.

You might say that’s all fine and well for somebody that’s aiming for top performance, but actually it’s what helps anybody, at any level, achieve.  

Whatever your personal goals, consider how important achieving is to you. 

I find with my clients it’s really important that they fully understand and consider the ‘why’ they are doing what they are doing. 

What are the drivers that go behind these actions in order to achieve. 

It often helps to write these down too- to solidify and remind yourself.

Keep that internal fire burning! 🔥 

Until next week, 

Best wishes