Keeping on track….


I hope this blog finds you exactly where you want to be with your 2018 health, fitness and wellness goals?

Just to say don’t worry if you are not totally on track. The pathway to your goals is never uniform and straight, it’s very up and down. That’s perfectly normal.

I have to admit my pathway deviated a little over the festive period and I was glad to get back to a ‘normal’ routine.

At Personal Space we look holistically at all clients needs, as there are so many inter relating factors that affect overall results.

I would encourage you to work on, and think all aspects of health. Think not only about the physical, ie. movement and planned exercise, but dietary intervention and adjustment, sleep quality and quantity, your rest and recuperation, stress management, work life balance, relationships, friends and family, and especially your mental health.

Plan, build and work on all of these aspects for ultimate balance.

Personally, I’ve been surprised how much my own, less than optimal, mental status has affected my overall wellbeing. I would whole heartedly encourage you to share your feelings and let others know how you are- a trouble shared, and all that!

Interestingly, I’ve read a lot more recently on the importance of positive mental status, not only for limiting disease, but also it’s impact on improving body composition. Poor mental status, body image and overall stress play a much bigger negative role on our health status than previously thought.

Just as we are what we eat, we are also what we think.
Our thoughts affect hormonal status in a positive and negative way, so be careful what you think.

I will be going on a seminar in two weeks looking at ways to improve gut and brain health, which incidentally are totally connected. I will write up and share my findings as soon as I’ve digested it!
(No pun intended!)

Best wishes